About Community Pharmacy Cumbria

The Local Pharmaceutical Committee is the body set up under the National Health Service Acts to represent pharmacy contractors within the area. You can find out about who is on the committee on this page, and also much more information on the site in general.

Community Pharmacy Cumbria Committee is made up of fifteen members who represent all Cumbrian contractors and are elected by the individual sectors every 4 years.

The committee members are supported by 3 staff members and supported by a regional PSNC representative.

The Local Pharmaceutical Committee is constituted according to the PSNC model constitution and follows a strict accountability procedure and governance arrangements.

Goverance Principles 2018

Community Pharmacy Cumbria Constitution-2018-2022


AGM 2018-19

The Community Pharmacy Cumbria AGM will be held on the 11th September 2019 at The Crooklands Hotel, Kendal,  at 10:00am –  Agenda and Annual Report to follow

NameTitlePharmacyDeclaration of Interest declared
Lucy Wild ChairCCA - Boots None
Jamie AsherVice ChairCCA - Well None
Matthew Edwards TreasurerIndependentNone
Anothal ChareunsyIndependentNone
John UrwinIndependentNone
Mark StakimIndependentNone
Nat MitchellIndependentNone
VacancyAIMp - Cohens None
Chris StothardCCA - AsdaNone
Wendy HitchinsCCA - BootsNone
Simon AbbottCCA - BootsNone
Mubasher AliCCA - BootsNone
Chris EdwardsCCA - WellNone
Vincent MahonCCA - LloydsNone
Nicola Burns AIMp - CohensNone
Jeff Forster Chief Officer
Lynn McFarlane Development Manager
Sue BitconAdministrator