Love your Heart Campaign – Who is this Targeted at?

6th February 2019.

This campaign is targeted at anyone who is over the age of 18.

When you have had a conversation with the patient asking the following three questions then provide them with a Cholesterol and Blood Pressure leaflet from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) website.

  1. Have you had your BP checked in the last 5 years?
  2. Have you had your cholesterol checked?
  3. Do you take medication for high blood pressure or high cholesterol?

Remember to record the conversation on the Tally Sheet and enter these on to PharmOutcomes on a weekly basis.

If you need further supplied of the Cholesterol or Blood Pressure leaflets these can be ordered free of charge from the British Heart Foundation website.

14th Jan 2019

Dear Pharmacy Team,

This message is to let you know about your next NHS England commissioned Public Health Campaign which starts on 1st February 2019 and runs for 1 month.

Very soon you will receive a letter and poster from NHS England with more information about the campaign. You will then receive everything else you need to run the ‘Love Your Heart’ campaign from the BHF and PHE (leaflets and posters) in time for February. The attached shows the resources you will receive from the BHF and PHE.  This is one of the six Public Health campaigns running for 2019.

The objective of this campaign is to have a million conversations with people about CVD prevention through community pharmacies here in North Cumbria and the North East. Please ensure the whole team is briefed about the campaign and how to engage in brief advice conversations using the materials provided. Moreover, this campaign will start a wider conversation about how community pharmacy can help tackle CVD in England.

Thank you in advance for your support with this February campaign.

Please see below for the letter from NHS England and all relevant resources to help with your campaign:

LPN Letter to Pharmacies – Love Your Heart 14th Jan 

Love your heart messages Jan 19
Love Your Heart data collection sheet vs 2
Love your Heart support slides
Love Your Heart Poster

Please remember take record all the conversations weekly on Pharmoutcomes as well as take photographs of your campaigns as evidence. NHS England has asked us to collect some photographs so please email these to  info@communitypharmacy

If you have any queries please contact us at or call on 01900 821703.