All the relevant documents to the EHC service are below

EHC service Specification Commences from 1st Oct 2018

Chlamydia screening packs can now be ordered by using the following email This address will be checked every week day by the sexual health team and they will endeavour to deliver packs as soon as possible. This email can also be used if you have a query. As a requirement for the EHC service chlamydia screening kits need to be offered.

Please ensure that your kits are in date by checking the expiry dates.

If your kits are out of date please email The Sexual Health Team email to order replacements.

Training, assessment, accreditation and competency
It is the responsibility of the pharmacy contractor to make sure that all staff providing this service are appropriately trained and competent to do so. The commissioner may request evidence that this is the case.
All pharmacists providing this service should have completed the CPPE Declaration of Competence in Emergency Hormonal Contraception. Pharmacists should be able to provide evidence of training and Continuous Personal Development undertaken, if requested.
The pharmacist should sign approved Patient Group Directions (PGDs) for the supply/administration of emergency hormonal contraception by a community pharmacist from a community pharmacy and agree to work in accordance with the
PGDs. Please ensure you refer to the service specification.

Community Pharmacy Cumbria runs regular face to face training and they will be advertised on Eventbrite and News Brief.

EHC presentation from Debbie Glover, Clinical Team Lead – Sexual Health South Cumbria